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About Our Club

Flitwick Eagles are very proud of their achievements over the years. We have provided hundreds of children with the opportunity to participate in football. Many have developed self confidence, fitness and continued to play the game long into adult life. We now have children playing for the club their Dad used to and former players now coaching their own teams.


Our reputation is largely based around parental experience of our work. This is generally very positive as evidenced by the awards won by the club. We are aware, however, that perception of Flitwick Eagles policies can be influenced by the negative experience of a parent or spectator. The club is therefore keen to ensure that the local football community is aware of our purpose and values, to have an understanding of the clubs heritage and to raise the appetite to become involved in the next chapter of our history.


Club Purpose

Our objective is to advance the education of boys and girls regardless of race, ability or social background from the town of Flitwick and surrounding areas by the provision of facilities and opportunities, in particular for playing football, so as to encourage their physical, technical, psychological and social  development.

Club Mission

To be recognised by the community as the leading club in the area for the provision of football opportunities, facilities and coaching from toddlers to veterans.

Club Values 'EAGLES'


We shall seek to ensure every child has fun, enjoys themselves and develops a love for football.

Attitude (Respect)

We are committed to providing a positive environment in which children can develop their football skills. We shall treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves. We shall promote an ethos of self discipline and respect.

Goals (Teamwork)

We shall seek to develop players by working together in teams. The use of teamwork is reinforced and rewarded by the achievement of realistic goals set for the entire squad.


We shall seek to reward commitment to the team and club in all activities. We shall develop players who remain loyal and not seek to replace them with experienced players from other clubs.


We shall seek to provide every child with the same opportunity to participate regardless of gender, ability, race or social status.


We shall promote a sense of fair play in all activities. We shall become humble in victory, gracious in defeat. We will foster friendship with team mates and opponents alike.

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